We treat all sleep-related breathing and movement disorders -- as well as insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness and circadian rhythm disorders.

About us

front desk at board certified sleep specialist SomniqueSomnique Health provides advanced, personalized care and comprehensive treatment for sleep apnea and the full range of sleep disorders affecting people of all ages — from school age to seniors. As a medical clinic devoted to sleep health, you will be treated by a board certified sleep specialist.

It is our mission and we take our job seriously.

We believe that truly understanding you is the first step in effectively treating you.

  • As a result, you can expect personal attention every single time you visit.
  • We do not overbook: we will see you promptly and you will not feel rushed.
  • Because we are committed to excellence, we pursue ongoing and advanced training in sleep disorder medicine for children and adults.

You'll be treated by a board certified sleep specialist. We've taken great detail to make our sleep lab comfortableDr. Vivek Dogra is a Board certified sleep specialist and the medical doctor you will see at Somnique Health. At Somnique Health, you will get the best care available.

Dr. Dogra was elected as a top doctor in Portland Monthly’s 2015. “Top Docs and Nurses” feature!

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