Many scientists believe that during sleep we strengthen our immune system, restore important fluids, process the day's experiences and improve our memory.

Sleep Disorders

clockSleep is essential to good health. Plain and simple, if you are not getting enough quality sleep, you don’t function well – at home, at work, at leisure. You’re not safe as a driver. Your relationships suffer. You’re not your best self.

And you’re not alone: more than 40 million Americans suffer each year from chronic, long-term sleep disorders.

The term “sleep disorder” covers a range of conditions. The National Institutes of Health reports that doctors have identified more than 70 sleep disorders. Treatment can range from lifestyle changes to medication, surgery or therapeutic equipment.

If you feel tired day after day or have trouble getting to or staying asleep, it’s likely you have a sleep disorder. If snoring is disturbing your sleep or somebody else’s, that is also a sleep disorder. Let us help you get the sleep you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Types of Sleep Disorders